I'm Daryl Hermann

Locally Born and Raised Windsor-Essex Ontario,

My Story

Photography as an art has always been something I’ve admired and had a passion for. It was only until recently that I began this new journey. During the start of the COVID pandemic my wife and I had our first son. Clayton was born May 22nd 2020, shortly afterwards we had a difficult time capturing photos that we envisioned of him. I found the picture quality of our cellphones was just not cutting it anymore. I then became inspired to purchase my first camera and began to teach myself photography. Along the way I have received help from a few photographers I connected with, and also did a lot of training online. I mean I did have quite a bit of time on my hands, we were in a lockdown… As I researched the gear I wanted and began to make purchases, (some my wife questioned) I realized this was something I really enjoyed and wanted to invest a lot of time in!!! I had what I needed to start, a strong desire to learn and grow as a photographer. My main reason was to capture the life of our son, day by day, month by month, and every special moment I saw with him. We just wanted real photos of him. Ones we could frame on the wall and share online with our friends and family since gatherings were restricted.

A few months in, people seemed to really like the images I was capturing. I received a lot of comments, feedback, and support. I joined a few photography groups, bought some more equipment, and expanded my knowledge and abilities. My wife’s friend even had me shoot a private wedding! A year later, still in the COVID pandemic, I decided to expand and share my abilities with others. Feel free to contact me to see if I can capture the moment you’re looking for.