Below are some general Questions & Answers

How do I get started?

  • Click on Event Tab to view All Events, look up your event and click on the title in the photo
  • A second window will open up into the event specifics
  • There will be a button to view all event/tournament photos. Click this to go to the gallery of the event.
  • Alternatively you could also click the text hyperlinks where it shows the tournament date and type of photos to go to a more specific date or type of photos
  • The system will ask for your email. Make sure you use a valid email and always use the same email when browsing the gallery. The system keeps track of this to help assist you when you start to favorite photos and add them to your cart
  • A series of how to's will pop up, I recommend reading these. It will help you navigate through the gallery
  • You can then search for a specific image that you want to Favorite, Digital Download or Print

Favorites Tab

  • When searching through the gallery of images you can use the heart icon (Favorite) to make this image a favorite. The system will ask that you enter your email to save your favourites. This allows the system to create a favourites list of photos which will help by only showing your favourite photos when deciding what to download or print in the store. You can name this favourites list and make multiple (IE for other players)
  • Since you created a favorites group you can always pull this up later in the gallery at any time using the same email address

Buying Individual Digital Images or Prints

  • After searching for a specific image that you want to download or print.
  • When you find that image click the Buy tab located at the top right of the image
  • If you used the favourites tab, just go to the store and pick what type of product you want and then at the top left of the product screen you can change the tab from "All Photos" to your Favourites group you created
  • Next the Store will open up where you will have many options to either digitally download the picture or print copies of various sizes or canvas and frames
  • Once you have all the photos you want to purchase, you will need to checkout and purchase
  • There are multiple ways to make payment: Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Card

Package Deal - Individual Payer or Full Team

  • Go through the gallery and select the images of the player or team based on the package you purchased. Favourite all the photos.
  • Once you have finished, go to the top of the gallery and click on the "Favourites Tab" Then click on the image of the favourites you made.
  • Review all the images making sure it is of the player or team only
  • Navigate back to the top of the gallery menu, click share, send to photographer.
  • Our team will then review, edit, crop the images you have selected and create a private gallery of them which will be emailed to you for download.

I've done selected my images and paid for my order, how do I access my images?

  • Please wait up to 3-5 business days for our team to review and approval of your images.
  • Once approved you will receive a confirmation email with download instructions.

Why do I have to wait up to 3-5 days for my images?

  • This is because during this time the images will be reviewed, edited to the highest quality, and cropped to bring the subject closer to fill the entire image

I want more photos than the package deals offer?

Please contact me through email (click here) with your request and I will work with you.


Below are some general Questions & Answers

  • You can then search for a specific image that you want to download or print. - click/tap on the first image you see where your child is the focal point of the image

- click/tap on the heart icon

- when asked please login or create a new account to save your selections (please include your phone number when creating account)

- go through all your team games adding your child's images to your favourites list

- once complete please view your favourites list and click on Buy All

- select All Images, All Games, Single Player from the packages list

- click on the Preview button

- drag each image from your favourites list to the right column (hold down CTRL key to select multiple images at a time)

- click Add to Cart

- click on View Cart

- if you are tagging for more than one child please increment the quantity accordingly in your shopping cart

- click on Proceed to Checkout

- we will review your favourites list and process your order within 24 hours